About Us


Empower every company to create delightful Search & Discovery experiences.

Our Core Values

Data Democratization

We believe in the power of data and that everyone should have access to it. We’re committed to breaking down complex analytics, making data understandable and usable for all.

Proactive Partnership

We don’t just provide a tool; we serve as active partners in your agency’s growth. Our commitment is to anticipate your needs, offering proactive solutions that keep you ahead of the curve.

Relentless Refinement

We believe that good can always be better. We’re relentlessly pursuing refinement in our platform, ensuring continuous improvement and persistent innovation.


We understand that every agency has unique needs. That’s why we emphasize flexibility and customization, allowing our platform to be tailored for each client’s specific requirements.

Trustworthy Transparency

We believe in doing business with honesty and openness. We’re committed to being a reliable partner, providing transparent reporting and secure data handling.

Awesome Team

Himanshu Yadav

Founder / CEO

Ashish Rai

Lead Designer

Ian Hill

Head of Sales

Viktor Ryzhikov

Tech Lead

Our experience span every
industry and challenge!

With a solid foundation in engineering and a history of experience with industry leaders such as Wayfair, CVS, and Bank of America, Himanshu brings a unique perspective to the utilization of Machine Learning and AI. With AirPilot, Himanshu is excited to provide marketing agencies with the necessary tools to transform data into strategy, enhancing client success.

Himanshu Yadav

Founder / CEO

Powerful, flexible, scalable, digital experiences for your business