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AirPilot Onboarding Journey

2 Weeks

Step One

Understanding Your Needs

Schedule an introductory call. We take the time to understand you, your agency, your requirements, and pain points. We believe the first step towards a solution is understanding the problem.

2 Weeks

Step two

Crafting Your Solution

Present the first version of your customized dashboard. We value your feedback and use it to refine our solution, ensuring it’s tailored perfectly to your needs.

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Step three

Ready, Set, Go!

Final product delivery. Your customized dashboard is ready to use, empowering your agency with insights and efficiency. Here, the billing cycle begins and you’re set to take the lead with AirPilot.


Kickstart your data journey today


Track campaign performance with core marketing metrics.

Generate standard reports featuring key performance indicators.

Identify trends swiftly with data visualization tools.

Get support during regular business hours.

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Aim for deeper insights and personalization.

$ 395/mo

Leverage AI-powered analytics for deeper insights.

Create custom reports highlighting crucial metrics.

Integrate data from diverse platforms for a holistic view.

Get real-time alerts for significant data changes.

Experience faster response times with priority support.

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Control your narrative, customize your success – Time for ambitious agencies to step up.

Enjoy total control with customizable analytics and reporting.

Utilize our API for custom data integrations.

Assign multi-user access based on roles.

Enhance your brand with our white-label platform.

Get dedicated support for smooth operations.

AI and machine learning for next-level predictive analytics.

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Core Features

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Free Usage Tier

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Keyword Search

10K requests/mo
1 million records

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Keyword Search

10K request/mo
100k records

$0.20/1,000 records/mo

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