Cross Channel

Cross-Channel Attribution
for an E-Commerce Giant

Marketing efforts spanned multiple channels, including paid search, display advertising, email, social media, and content marketing.


We worked with a large E-Commerce company’s Marketing Engineering team, aimed to develop a comprehensive cross-channel attribution model that would provide insights into the contribution of each marketing channel and help optimize its marketing budget.


We took following approach to achieve the objective:

Data Collection and Integration

Implementation of Server-Side Tracking ID

Choosing the Attribution Model

Model Development and Validation

Implementation and Training


Enhanced Customer Journey Insights: The combined approach provided a more comprehensive understanding of customer behavior, enabling the team to create personalized marketing campaigns and improve the overall customer experience. Improved ROAS: The cross-channel attribution model resulted in a 16% increase in ROAS, as it allowed marketing team to optimize ad spend and target customers more effectively. Increased customer lifetime value: The insights derived from the attribution model allowed us to optimize its marketing strategies and improve customer engagement

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